Lovely to meet you

My name is Gabor and I´m a Hungarian born German architect living here in Mexico-City. I lived in Germany for thirty years, finished there my studies and became naturalised, worked then in France, England and Spain before I was lured here to Mexico.

Since I´m not that young anymore I thought it was time to give back to life partially what I received, so I pass on to my students the best I´ve got and I´m good at: languages.

Twelve years of teaching German tought me not to use my method but the method which suites best the student in question. Every person has his own mind set, which requires every time a different approach. This is precisely what makes teaching so interesting, no need to get repetitive.

That leads to quite different ways to guide the student through a door to the globalized world where is such a dire need for communication skills, to say languages.

The German language is known as a difficult language to learn, so I challenged myself to demystify it, boiling it down to the essence for a start. (And I´m good at it, so my students say) Getting aware of the basic mechanisms of the German language, the students get encouraged to take it on and begin to enjoy the learning process.

When you´re about to make your decision which tutor to work with, just follow your guts. A relaxed mind in a friendly surrounding retains twice as much information. And last not least it will be fun.

For me personally speaking it´s really a beauty to get in touch with new people who have enriched my life until this very moment.

Thank you!

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